ILHS Better World Day 2023

What is Better World Day (BWD)? Each year, all ILHS students are involved with planning and implementing projects for Better World Day. Better World Day allows our students to use their creativity, skill and talent to make their communities a better place. The day is filled with student-led presentations about a range of topics as well as chances to check out information booths for all of the projects.

How did the PTSA help? The PTSA was proud to support ILHS Better World Day projects! With $800 worth of grants awarded amongst five student group projects*, we were able to help students help the community around them. The student groups had to submit a grant application, sign a contract in agreement to the amount of funds to be spent, and submit receipts along with a reimbursement form in order to get the funds. We were super excited to support the hard work -- way to go Ravens!


*Sadly, one project did not make it to completion. The unused grant funds rolled back into our General Fund.  

Beeswax Wraps

"The PTSA grant was crucial to the success of our better world day project. We were able to buy the materials to create our beeswax wraps, which we would not have been able to acquire otherwise.

Throughout the year we tested many different recipes. Just a few weeks before better world day we finally were able to succeed. From there we spent as much time as we could and used as much of the materials we had as possible to make a ton of wraps to give out to our community on better world day. Thank you PTSA!"

Caring for Cohoe

"The grant that you graciously gave us allowed us to purchase the cooler and filters to start raising our little fishies. We were also able to plan ahead for next year and purchase a water cooler that was the right kind for salmon. We learned how to test the water with the equipment we were able to purchase with the grant, and we are all very grateful for your kindness."

THANKS AGAIN! We have made a poster for BWD tomorrow and are excited to present! Thank you for making this possible."

Stairwell Art

"Firstly, we would like to thank you for accepting our grant application. We used the grant money to get paint and enamel spray, of which we used to paint one stair. Unfortunately there were complications and our group had to stop painting earlier than expected. We did accomplish priming, painting, and applying enamel to one stair which we named Stephanie. 

If we hadn’t received the grant money, this project wouldn’t have gone past the idea phase. We are very appreciative of the help that you have supplied during this project, as it is one of the few things we could count on." 

Mutating Escherchia Coli to Consume Soft Plastic

"We would like to thank the PTSA for helping us with our project by providing us with a grant to pay for our materials and explain how helpful this was to the success of our project.

Our BWD project this year is one of the only science based BWD projects, and a very complex one at that. We needed to buy both bacteria to experiment on as well as materials for mutating them to accomplish our goal. Without the PTSA grant we received; we would have had to pay over 50 dollars to buy all of our materials (science equipment is VERY expensive). Using the equipment we purchased with this grant allowed us to achieve our goal for this year, which was to successfully mutate E. Coli (although not to the point where they can eat plastic, as stated in our project title). We hope to continue using our E. Coli and the equipment we bought this year in order to continue experimenting next year, and hopefully achieve our final goal."

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