ILHS PTSA Recognition Awards

Interested in helping us select who will receive a 2023-2024 ILHS PTSA Recognition Award?

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It's a super-fun committee to be a part of, because you get to make someone's year!

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Each year the ILHS PTSA is excited to celebrate some outstanding community members who have been pivotal in our school community growth and helping our kids achieve their potential!

For the 2023-24school year, ILHS PTSA will recognize one staff member with the Outstanding Educator Award, one student with the Outstanding Student Advocate Award and one volunteer with the Golden Acorn Award.

Learn more about each of these awards below.....

Outstanding Educator:  Awarded for making significant contributions that go beyond the normal expectations of their job to make the learning environment fun, beneficial and challenging. An educator may be defined as a teacher, assistant, custodian, bus driver, school staff member or administrator.

Outstanding Student Advocate: Presented to a student in recognition of significant contributions through leadership and service to their school and community.

Golden Acorn: Presented to an individual in recognition of their outstanding service to children and youth in the school community and demonstrating commitment to helping them achieve their potential by going above and beyond.

Nominate one or more volunteers, teachers/staff members, or students that you feel has gone above and beyond for our school or local community.

Make sure to tell us why you think your amazing nominee deserves to win!

Please click on the button below to go to the nomination form for Golden Acorn, Outstanding Educator, and Outstanding Student Advocate!

The nominations will be open until April 26th, and our winners will be announced later this spring!

Announcing our 2022-2023 Award Recipients!

ILHS PTSA is grateful for another successful year for our students, our school, and our community where our students were able to drive so much learning both in the class and through clubs and activities. They accomplished amazing things! It truly is a community effort between all of our students, their families, teachers, and staff.


We did have some community members, volunteers, educators and students that the community felt went above and beyond. Thank you all for the nominations you took the time to complete so we could recognize them.

ILHS PTSA recognizes these community members for their efforts to support and advocate for our students. Our award recipients for 2022-2023 were:

Outstanding Educator: Dr. Ashley Crisp

Outstanding Student Advocate: Victoria Tchervenski

Golden Acorn Award (Outstanding Volunteer): Heather Bloom

2022-2023 Outstanding Educator

ILHS PTSA congratulates ALL of our amazing teachers and staff on the tremendous work they have put into this year. You have made a huge difference for our students!

The ILHS PTSA Outstanding Educator Award is given to an outstanding teacher or staff member for their dedication and service to all children. The recipient is chosen by committee from nominations gathered from our ILHS community.


We are very happy to announce that Dr. Ashley Crisp is the recipient of our ILHS PTSA Outstanding Educator Award for the 2022-2023 year!


Here's what our community had to say about Dr. Crisp (seen in the photo above on the left with our Outstanding Student Advocate Recipient):


“Dr. Crisp has gone beyond the requirements asked of any teacher. When students need more information on expanding their education & pathway after high school, finding information on ways they can skip classes in high school by showing proficiency & finding out any information they need for Running Start as well as the best colleges they should consider, and what they need to do to make acceptance into the best colleges a possibility - they can always rely on Dr. Crisp to help them out.”


“She's really nice and she's really patient with anyone....”


“I’ve just never had a strong connection with science. But Crisp made forensics so much fun, it even made me a little sad to hear the bell ring when the class was over. I loved her method of teaching, with plenty of hands-on work that felt good to complete! She was also the perfect blend of strict, stern, friendly and nice. She always laughed and went along with my jokes but made sure to keep me on track educationally. She feels more like a level-headed best friend than a teacher! I made sure to apply for her classes for next year!”

“She is very organized, patient with students and cares about students learning, and does everything she can to help students learn in different ways. We have a mix of activities that all help us learn the material and have a thorough understanding of how things work. She also hosts study hall and tutoring on Mondays and Tuesdays after school in her classroom so that students who need help in science, math or any subject or outside of school project can go there and get help.”



2022-2023 Outstanding Student Advocate

At Innovation Lab, our students are something special. Every single one of them brings a bit of themselves to our school and we are the better for it! Our Raven students ROCK!


The ILHS Outstanding Student Advocate Award is given to a student who has made significant contributions through leadership and service in their school and community.


We are very happy to announce that Victoria Tchervenski is the recipient of our ILHS PTSA Outstanding Student Advocate Award for the 2022-2023 year!

Here's what our community had to say about Victoria:


“Victoria serves as the current ASB President. She manages student-led events as well as ASB Flex Wednesdays. She also maintains and updates the ASB Student website, that is currently the best source of information about the school, upcoming events, clubs, schedules and opportunities. She is a relentless promoter and ambassador of ILHS and its student-led/mastery learning model and is the voice of the ILHS students outside of the school on committees including the Youth Advisory Board of the Northshore School Foundation (where she is serving her second term as a sole representative from our school), and the Mastery Learning Committee. Victoria started the Battle of the Books (BOB) for NSD and the BOB club at ILHS which secured first place for our school last year. Victoria worked towards getting Flex Wednesdays and continues with organizing the ASB Flex Wednesdays, contributing ideas and initiatives like the Student Forums, which she introduced and has planned all year. She is passionate about student involvement and advancing the opportunities for students in ILHS and together with Rain W. proposed, advertised, and made ILHS Study Hall happen.”


“ASB president, has been involved with coordinating and planning almost every event this year. Worked to set up the Maker Space, meet with teachers about Mastery Transcripts and EPNU (our grading system) and to get that info to students, and is a part of the Student Mastery Learning Team. Set up Tea Corner, plans student forums, does her best to make the school a better place. Generally, a great person, a hard worker, and an excellent advocate for any issue she cares about.”


“As much as I know about what Victoria does, I'm sure that I only know half of it. Victoria is a whirlwind of thoughts and ideas and she's not afraid to make those thoughts and ideas a reality. Victoria is an amazing leader, a hard worker, a fierce advocate and a student that ILHS can be proud to call one of its own.”



2022-2023 Golden Acorn Award

ILHS PTSA would like to thank ALL of our volunteers! We wouldn't be anywhere without you!!!


The ILHS PTSA Golden Acorn award is presented to a volunteer who has shown dedication to and exceeds in service to the ILHS community. The Golden Acorn is the highest volunteer award given in a PTA!


We are very happy to announce that Heather Bloom has been awarded our ILHS PTSA Golden Acorn Award for the 2022-2023 year!


Here are some things our community had to say about Heather:

“I couldn't do my job without her!! She is a vital part of our team and is utterly dedicated to supporting our school staff and students. She greets all - visitors, students, NSD visiting staff/admin/subs - who come into ILHS at the front desk with warmth, compassion, and efficiency.”


“Being so nice and cool and complimenting my clothes and encouraging me to like the things I like."


“Her presence at the front desk allowed our new registrar/attendance secretary the time to focus on learning her new role. Because of the support given by Heather, she was able to receive training and devote the time needed to quickly get up to speed to help the students at our school. If Heather didn't volunteer her time to assist at the front desk taking the brunt of questions, checking in late arrival or early dismissal students, and just opening the door, it would have been much harder for our new registrar/secretary. Not only that, Heather is a welcome presence at the front desk. She is friendly and caring. She's great working with the students and always gives a smile and some nice conversation."