There are many ways to volunteer with our PTSA and at ILHS! There are many events held throughout the year that could use your support. There are also PTSA committees that are looking to gather a team of volunteers to support our association and our community. We've got volunteer positions for everyone with various time commitments & skill levels. Check out the opportunities below!

Before you can volunteer at a PTSA or ILHS event, you must be a registered volunteer with the Northshore School District. The process is all online, simple and quick! Visit the NSD Become A Volunteer page to get started. You can complete the Northshore School District Volunteer Orientation slide show, fill out the Northshore School District Volunteer Application, and complete your background check.

Join one of our committees & do great things for ILHS...


Nominating Committee - This committee is made up of at least three PTSA members who are elected to serve on the committee. The job of the Nominating Committee is to search out potential nominees for our PTSA elected positions. This is a great committee to be involved in if you are committed to seeing the PTSA continue to serve our school, like to chat up people about possible leadership opportunities, and love to work as a team to have a significant impact at ILHS. No prior knowledge is needed. There is a "how to" guide to help you along in your search.

Grants Committee - This committee of three to four PTSA members, led by our ILHS PTSA President, reviews all staff and student grant applications submitted to ILHS PTSA. This committee ultimately decides what projects to fund. It's a great opportunity to be instrumental in providing resources for our school and to help students succeed with their innovative and broad ranging projects.

Mid-Year Financial Review Committee (January) - This committee is made up of at least three PTSA members who volunteer to take a look at our mid-year financials. This review ensures that PTSA funds are being spent on things that the association has approved, and that the money is being accounted for correctly and transparently. No experience necessary. We have a handy checklist to help you through the review!

Year-End Financial Review Committee (July) - Same as above, except you take a glance at the entire fiscal year. No experience necessary. We'll have that checklist ready for you!

Recognition Awards Committee - This committee, led by our ILHS PTSA Vice President, reviews submissions for our annual PTSA Recognition Awards (Outstanding Educator, Outstanding Student Advocate, Outstanding Volunteer/Golden Acorn) and decides who will receive them.

Senior Breakfast Committee - This committee is responsible for partnering with the ILHS Senior Class advisors to plan and organize the yearly Senior Breakfast. Ideally, we're looking for adults of juniors to help with this event to free up our senior caregivers.  

Interested in joining or leading a committee? Email to get more information!